Our Boomers, or Luxury Substantials, value luxury experiences and exceptional product.

Meet our Luxury Substantials: a 62 year old semi-retired cardiologist and his wife, 60, who’s active in the community doing charity and volunteering work. They have 3 grown up children in their 30’s with a couple of grandchildren. They have more time on their hands and more money to spend. They keep fit, are socially active and care about their community. They wish to be seen as ageless, rather than defined or excluded from experiencing more from life

For Luxury Substantials the Luxury Connection centres upon experiences. They are open to hearing about new collections, new-upgrades for big-ticket items and invites to come in store. Yet they are far more interested in having luxury experiences than buying product – whether it’s through travel, culture, the arts or a new restaurant. It’s in these categories where they are open to trying new things.

Their shopping experience expectations are for a more one-on-one in-store experience. She is on many VIP email lists and last week went to Giorgio Armani with the girls to hear the editor of Vogue introduce the new collection. These are the personalised touches that get her in store to buy.
He is also a VIP as he’s known as a big gifter. As brand loyals they are open to promotional offers and respond to direct mail or email. They are not adverse to e-commerce, especially for repeat purchases and for convenience such as his penchant for wine and audio equipment.

With News Corp you can reach 95% of this demographic.

Media Connection – traditional media like newspapers and magazines remain absolutely trusted sources for inspiration and consideration, particularly for travel and entertainment. Even though they are not digital natives, Baby Boomers appreciate technology and very much value the experience they have with a brand.

This is a huge opportunity to marry data-driven personalised, digital marketing with in-store and experiential marketing. As they are not huge social media users (usually just follow the kids and grandchildren), it also supports the continued implementation of a proven and centuries old tactic – word of mouth marketing. With the first word often taken from a source of authority such as a trusted media brand.

Our portfolio of prestige brands; The Australian, Wish, Vogue Living, Delicious and prestige community publications such as The Wentworth Courier and The Bayside Leader respect baby boomer’s values and identities. They offer powerful connections across digital, print and experiential activations. And they are proven to drive consideration and conversion for retail, automotive, travel, real estate and financial brands.

We offer sophisticated methods to target a baby boomer audience at scale and make it easy to buy across our portfolio of prestige digital assets including display, video or native content.

Our network of prestige community publications allow you to reach this key baby boomer demographic at their door step and help initiate consideration and grass roots word of mouth campaigns.

Source: EMMATM, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending February 2018


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