GQ Gentlmen’s Ball 2018 



GQ’s Gentlemen’s Ball celebrates the philanthropic endeavours of Australian men, showcasing their amazing charitable and sustainable partnerships and movements.


For the first time ever, GQ Australia is coming to Melbourne with the GQ Gentleman’s Ball in association with Penfolds. This society ball will celebrate the city’s sophisticated men, their philanthropic endeavours and their past time passions. Melbourne’s elite will be invited to the event, which will have large campaign awareness for these men’s passionate causes.

GQ and our partners would support a sustainable charity in order to focus on their humanitarian endeavours. GQ will align with a key note speaker for the ticketed ball and will call on friends of the brand, key influencers and Melbourne-based talent to toast what it is to be a GQ gentleman who continues to make Australia a more sustainable place. In addition, GQ wants to celebrate all the amazing work our charity partner does in the community with a ticket percentage donation.

As we saw through The News Prestige Network White Paper ‘ The Prestige Promise’, the transparent purpose is becoming increasingly important to consumers, from a personal and brand perspective.

A sustainable lifestyle is viewed as a personal enrichment and represents a conscious decision for many people worldwide.

Aligning with GQ Gentleman’s Ball and The GQ Initiative – celebrating not only how the GQ Gentleman has changed over the last 20 years but how we now celebrate men, brands and GQ partners and their alignment to life changing environmental and sustainable factors.

The GQ Initiative, a section in the magazine launching in alignment with the GQ Gentleman’s Ball in association with Penfolds, running until GQ’s Sept/Oct 2018 issue, will feature our key partners and their community minds and sustainable approaches to their products and companies. GQ will dedicate this section to celebrate the Gentleman’s Ball vision with our key partners, event speakers and key note talent.

GQ will host our partners stories in here, written and shot by GQ in our editorial tone. The GQ Initiative will lead into a celebration of GQ’s 20th Anniversary issue in Sept/Oct 2018 where we will showcase a retrospective of the GQ Gentleman and how he has changed over time.

All GQ initiative  stories will be pulled together in a small exhibition to align with the launch of Sept/Oct 2018 issue to celebrate the GQ brand. This small event will welcome our long standing clients & trade partners as well as friends and talent of GQ to celebrate 20 years! Each partner will have the opportunity to align to this smaller event with a celebration come Sept/Oct in the forms of sponsorship, product contra or gifting.


Get in contact with your News Prestige Key Account Manager to find out how you can get involved