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8 Key Luxury Trends



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Prestige Insights


Our insights and leading research gives the News Prestige Network the ability to create authentic brand narratives that connect with the luxury audience today.


The News Prestige digital network delivers the right audience at scale in trusted luxury environments with 14 million impressions on desktop and 18 million impressions on mobile devices^, we can add prestige to your next digital campaign.



Chinese speaking Australians are able to read curated coverage from The Australian online at cn.theaustralian.com.au

Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Our news prestige network solutions make it simple to understand, engage and connect with prestige consumers through objective-led packages. We begin with your core communication objectives, then match them with one of four high value solutions.

News Prestige Network brings you unrivalled access to Australia’s largest and most engaged prestige audience, powered by Australia’s leading brands, talent, and innovative marketing solutions.  And we can help you make connections and engage Australian prestige audiences how and when you want. The News Prestige Network – It’s Luxury on Demand.

At News Corp Australia, we know how to make true connections with customers. It’s what we do, every minute, every hour and every day of the week. What starts with the deepest customer intelligence and data from our subscribers, members and social followers, is matched with the creativity and excellence of our brands and editorial talent to produce the very best content or ‘experience’ for our customers, backed by the knowledge to give them what they want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered. We like to think of it as ‘creativity meets intelligence’, or ‘creative intelligence’. And it’s through the ‘creative intelligence’ of our portfolio of brands that we’ve made millions of connections with AB or prestige consumers.

7 million connections to be precise*. That’s a reach of 91% of Australian AB consumers – making us the leading prestige publisher in the market*. That’s a powerful proposition – 7 million ready-made connections with prestige consumers who have the potential to be your next customer.

It’s the reason we’ve launched the News Prestige Network. We’re combining the power of our ecosystem of prestige brands and audiences across digital, social and print and delivering an innovative suite of marketing solutions making it easier for prestige brands to strike connections with potential new customers at scale.

* Based on News Corp Australia’s monthly reach across all print and digital brands (including REA and ARM). 
Sources:* EMMATM, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending February 2018; ^Nielsen Market Intelligence, March 2018


We are serious about insights into the prestige luxury consumers. For our Prestige Promise white paper, we conducted Meta analysis, Immersion sessions and also trend forecasting and insights synthesis to ensure that we are at the forefront of luxury trends worldwide.


News Prestige Digital Network combines the digital audiences of The Australian, Vogue, Vogue Living, Delicious and GQ to deliver you the right audience at scale, in an environment that luxury consumers trust. Combine that with our powerful consumption data product News Connect, a collaboration with data platform Quantium, to target customers looking for your product add in our innovative creative formats across mobile and desktop from the News Corp Ad Lab team and you can deliver the highest impacting digital campaign with pinpoint accuracy. So if you’re after prestige car intenders, travel, fashion and beauty consumers or those looking to invest in a new home or the stock market, our sophisticated mobile and digital solutions, makes it easy for you to connect with your new customers.


Our prestige native and content marketing service offer you story telling strategy, premium quality content and guaranteed ROI, all guided by our team of editorial experts in prestige.


Prestige Social helps you engage with our 8 million social footprint* with the ability to find and recruit your own influencers and run influencer marketing campaigns.

* Based on the following News Prestige brands:  delicious., GQ, The Australian, Vogue, Vogue Living and Wish. Social figures collected as at 18th April 2018 across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter


Our Prestige Experiential service offers a complete package, event management, talent and influencer engagement, content production and guaranteed amplification for all campaigns.


Our Prestige Network Solutions will take your objective and using our new suite of tools, make it easier than ever before for you to connect with prestige consumers with stand-out innovations across the network and for a ‘made to measure’ bespoke campaign approach.


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