Our largest group of luxury buyers.

We call Gen X our Luxury Celebrators because to them luxury symbolises success and achievement.

Take our Gen X example, he is 46, married with two children and has a successful career in investment banking. He’s wealthy, reaching his highest earning capacity and career satisfaction. Yet he still has a traditional outlook on life, is interested in the world, has a great network of friends and loves his sports.

When it comes to Luxury Connection, Gen X, maintain the established values associated with luxury brands such as status and achievement, and also how these brands can personify one’s self to the world. They value ethics, integrity and uniqueness. They appreciate quality, craftsmanship and heritage. They also embrace everything that luxury in the new age can provide, including technology, experience and convenience

When Gen X shop they are the perfect omni-channel media target, consuming both print and digital in equal measure. Gen X are also more active on social media than you think. They’re open to experiential activations, but need an educational or networking component to get them to show up – for example a business forum or wine appreciation night. Email is a favoured communication tool and they value information from trusted sources.

News Prestige Network helps you make a connection with wealthy Generation Xers, where luxury symbolizes success and achievement. With News Corp, you can reach 91% of this demographic.

The best connections with Generation Xers are made by combining digital, print and experiential activations. This is where News Corp has a proven ability to drive consideration and conversion for retail, automotive, travel, real estate and financial brands.

We offer sophisticated methods to target a generation audience at scale through our new Prestige Digital Network. This makes it easy to buy across our portfolio of prestige digital assets be it through display, video or native content.

Trust is key for generation Xers, so our strong portfolio of paid print and digital subscriptions form a special bond with this generation. They’re committed to hearing from us via email newsletter, receiving exclusive access to content and delivery via print subscriptions to their home or workplace

News Prestige Network offers a calendar of experiential activations with educational and networking capabilities for this generation and we can also develop specific event properties for your brand to reach this wealthy audience.

Source: EMMATM, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 12 months ending February 2018


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