Vogue Codes 2018 


In 2018, VOGUE CODES hosted 6 events featuring local and international speakers, with over 2,000 tickets sold. 


“Today Vogue Codes is our crusade to see women empowered by technology, not disabled by it,”
says Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief Edwina McCann.


VOGUE CODES was inaugurated in Australia in 2016 in answer to the gender imbalance in the technology industry with the aim to inspire more females to study and take up careers in IT.

Empowering future female innovation is driving the discussion at Vogue Codes in 2018, where an aspirational agenda sees inspiring international and Australian panellists and keynote speakers, including Vogue Australia’s Edwina McCann, Instagram’s Eva Chen, Go-To’s Zoë Foster Blake, Canva’s Melanie Perkins, Uber’s Meena Harris and Allbirds’ Tim Brown, present their ideas on the future of digital. Join Vogue Australia, June 12-24, in Sydney and Melbourne for a series of not-to-be-missed events.

The premise of the VOGUE CODES is to utilise Vogue’s reach and influence to encourage women to be creators of the digital future and to ensure progressive roles for them in a rapidly changing landscape. It’s not necessarily asking women to be coders, but to expose them to the vocabulary of technology and entrepreneurship and to inspire and empower women by encouraging awareness and understanding of technology. 


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