The Western Suburbs Weekly has graced the coffee tables of Perth’s most affluent suburbs for the past 15 years, giving readers diversity in its content from week to week.

The team consistently presents a newspaper with striking images, strong news stories, in-depth features and easy-reading Lifestyle content. It also challenges daily newspapers and TV crews by breaking news via with reporters positioned right in the heart of the community.

The paper is known in the community for its striking images, particularly on the front page. Streetwatch, Opinion, Business and Health are just some of the themed pages in the weekly newspaper, as well as a Lifestyle section comprising stories on theatre, art, dance, music, films, fashion, food and wine.
Lifestyle remains an integral part of the local paper and this year, fashion content is in the spotlight. There has also been an increase in food content in the Weekly Life section so readers can salivate over foodie images and still be treated to a lengthy yarn. The Social photo spread adorns the centre of the newspaper and recently got its own section, Stepping Out, complemented by a calendar of events.
Residential West gives readers an insight in the western suburbs top homes and topical market news. Local agents are given an opportunity to share news about staff, awards and quirky stories while monthly Real Estate Institute of WA tables provide local sales and statistics. There is also a Coastal and Country section featuring properties and news about coastal, rural and semi-rural areas.
The glossy Luxury Lifestyle magazine is inserted in to the Western Suburbs Weekly twice a year, with the most recent magazine also available in digital version for online readers. The 48-page magazine focuses on an indulgent lifestyle featuring high-end fashion, architecture and interior design as well as travel,
food and wine.